My name is JoKee Tan, art and design is my passion and profession. I had been throwing color on paper since I was about 9. After attending art school I worked in various small and big advertising agencies. At first as visualizer, then as designer and later as art director. In 2008, I decided to have a break from advertising life but still wanted to be able to follow my passion and started a venture to create something unique for baby and parents.

As a mum with 2 kids, Aiden had his 6th birthday and Connor is already 3 years old, I understand a parent always wishes to have something special for their kids and wants the best. So I started the Coochicoo personalized full moon pack, which is focused more into overall packing presentation and needs of parents to share their newborn with friends and family.

We were getting more and more requests from parents in Singapore, so in 2010 we also brought Coochicoo into Singapore. I was lucky to have been approached by one of my old colleagues from the advertising world, who also shares the passion to bring something unique to parents.

My love of creating something unique has lead me into designing and organizing theme parties. My party services always includes to design the main feature theme table and decorate for the surroundings.

After the party some parents told me that they felt like it’s their wedding since they’re getting so many photographs and attention from friends! This is why I love what I do and hope I can keep doing it for a long time.