Not clear about something?

Please take a look at the answers to some frequently asked questions below and otherwise send me an email: lilmama@coochicoo.com.my


what typically goes into a pack?

you can start with one of our buckets, boxes, zodiac packs or other packs.

then add a personalized card and/or other add on:

and finally you can add the food portions you would like:

you can see some examples of complete packs on our lil king page: click here and scroll down

if you are having trouble ordering or something is not working please send us an email at lilmama@coochicoo.com.my


what is this fullmoon pack?

it’s a gift for proud parents to announce the arrival of their baby or full moon celebration.

it’s also a thank you gift for people who attend your baby’s full moon celebration…

something for everyone to remember.

every coochicoo full-moon pack consists of the following:

  1. a special designed card with your baby’s photo, his name, date of birth   and a personal message from you – the baby’s parent
  2. a portion of quality hand-packed fillings of your choice
  3. a cute pack to hold everything together (bucket, lil king, princess, or zodiac pack)


do you have any special promotion?

yes we do!

order 50 packs or more and you will get a discount of 10% (this discount is not shown in checkout but will be applied later).


how long do I have to wait before I receive the packs

on average, 7 working days from the date of ordering.

however, the zodiac pack might take longer to deliver.


do you have gift voucher?

yup, we think it’s a great idea to share the love with your mummy to be’s friends or relatives.

we have it as an e-voucher or printed voucher at RM50 per piece of which you can buy as many as you want!


how long can i keep the food?

candy and chocolate can be kept for a month.


is there a minimum order?

yes, it is 20 packs per design.


can i just order the packaging?

yes, you can order the packaging together with the personalized card.

minimum order is 20 sets, sorry but we can’t offer any discount and you need to self collect.


can i just order the personalized card?

yes you can, minimum order is 40 cards, and you need to self collect or courier and handling fees will be charged.


can you do customized designs?

yes I can, if I manage to squeeze the order into my schedule and you let me know earlier :)

I can help you design your customized baby full moon pack if you have a large quantity, let me know 20 working days ahead and also what is your budget. (MOQ 50sets)

just drop me an email or give me a call.